Piramess is a world of environmental extremes. Once a temperate, beautiful place, it has been plunged into a gripping ice age, with only small pockets rendered habitable by it's residents through the use of an ingenious weather control device created by the ancients, and adapted by the Piramens.

Able to project a field around an entire city, and quickly alter the weather, creating a bubble of enticing warm summer weather, or bitter ice storms, or any range in between, the Piramens lead a monastic life in their mountain temples, protected by the device that keeps their city unfrozen.

Peaceful people, the monks tend the city, waiting for the day that the planet's shifting orbit allows its climate to return to a more habitable state, and its people may return.


A device that can create a bubble of user controlled weather around an entire city may seem like the perfect system to create a vacation resort, but to the System Lords, this is an ideal weapon to bend people into enslavement. It would allow them to wipe out entire city's populations without any real damage to the city itself. Or make conditions intolerable to a population, driving them into submission.

The System Lords have dispatched a fleet to isolate Piramess, and in their initial attack, rendered the stargate unusable. They've disable the advanced planetary defenses, and set upon their plan to steal the technology, and escape before the SGC can respond.

The SGC has received advanced notice of this attack through their own spy network, and dispatched a strike team in a cloaked cargo vessel, to foil this assault. Their mission, reactivate the planetary defense network to drive off the System Lords fleet, and allow the SGC's own ships to control the skies, then to restore the weather device to protect the Piramens.

The System Lords have disabled the weather control device in their covert attack to bring the planetary defenses offline. Within minutes, snow and ice has invaded all corners of the city. The System Lords also failed to realize that the device itself is massive, and deep underground. Their goals shift to sealing data cores that contain all plans to construct the device, even as the SGC is attempting to reclaim the control circuits that will allow them to restore the planet's defenses and drive off the System Lords.

During the conflict, both sides fight over the weather control interface itself, housed in a tower in the middle of a large courtyard. Though partially disabled, activating it whips up the surrounding winds into a massive blizzard, obscuring vision and making movement difficult.


Don't forget to capture that tech! You can win this map merely by killing enough enemies. But each piece of tech is a huge boost to victory. Capturing all the required tech automatically wins, but you will usually win with one or two tech captures, as you'll have done away with enough enemy to push you over the top to victory.

Teamwork is key to capturing the tech. The ashrak have a clear advantage here, as they run faster, and have more stamina than anyone. If she gets away from you, you will never catch her. However, use your radar! You can follow her progress through the buildings, and put a grenade in the doorway just as she emerges, or a well placed sniper shot.

No matter where you are, if you see the message that the other team has taken a crystal or data core, immediately check your radar. The arrow will indicate where they are, and show their movement. Plot an intercept course. Nothing is more important than the Tech. Likewise, if you see that your team has captured the tech, plot a course to help get pursuing enemies off their back.

System Lords will attempt to cover their advance by activating the weather device in the middle of the courtyard. The whiteout this creates will blind commandos against all but short range targets, eliminating much of the advantage of the SGC on this map. As a result, SGC, don't just concede this objective to the System Lords. Holding this region not only keeps the device off, and allow your commandos to do their job, but gives you a good intercept point to retake your tech when stolen, or help defend your own runners when they're stealing the System Lords tech.

If camped in your spawn area, remember there are two ways out. And, if trying to kill someone who has retreated into their spawn, be aware they can come out the other door and get behind you.