Each class progresses through 15 ranks, unique to their faction. Special abilities and items can be unlocked as players achieve rank, sometimes in conjunction with special Achievements.

Rank is the universal measure of experience, and leadership. Both the SGC and the System Lords acknowledge this, awarding rank as their warriors prove themselves on the battlefield, enhancing their abilities to command, and giving them access to new and exciting tools to win.

Player rank is a measure not only of how many battles you’ve fought, but also how well you’ve done in each battle. Indeed, special awards may be earned by some, who progress rapidly, winning a majority of their battles, and excelling in their tasks during battle.

The SGC’s ranks are based on those of the Air Force, which originally operated the SGC, until it was taken over by the IOA. This system is still followed today, except that there is a clear path from non commissioned officer to full officer, and even the “non-coms” are experts in fields of science, technology, language, or important fields, allowing them to cope with what they find on the other side of the gate.

The SGC is made up of international (and in some cases, interstellar) partners throughout the Alliance. In many cases, officers in the SGC come originally from other forces, as the SGC has not existed long enough, yet, for its key officers to have entirely been bred from within. In these cases, effort is made to honor the advancements of a soldier in their other military career, but they must still engage in training and prove themselves to earn their SGC rank.

Some tension exists from time to time within the ranks, as soldiers accustomed to being in command must, instead, take orders until they have regained their standing within the SGC. But, by and large, the acceptance has been excellent, and the SGC is attracting top talent from all over the world, and beyond.

Fear exists among the IOA of infiltration by various alien factions, such as the Lucian Alliance, System Lords and others. As such, there are very few aliens, or even extrasolar humans within the ranks of the SGC at present. New screening techniques, however, have led to an influx of new recruits from beyond our sun, currently attending classes at the Academy, hoping to join the SGC shortly.

The System Lords rank system has been in place for over 5000 years, but has been mainly ceremonial until recently. In the past, only key Jaffa would gain rank, ascending quickly to Tec’ma-te, and earning a “Prime” ranking in the service of their System Lord master.

This system did not offer the layers required to field large, independently operable armies, nor even small squads with a tight chain of command.

The new System Lords recognize the failings of the old, and have empowered their armies to carry out the orders of their gods, while allowing them autonomy in how they actually achieve these goals.

As such, the System Lord army now has Jaffa who outrank goa’uld in their command, as well as goa’uld operatives, both ashrak and general soldiers, fighting within its structure.

Some tension still arises, and a Jaffa commander is wise to be aware of the volatile nature of the goa’uld he commands. But, with strict compliance to the new rules demanded by the System Lords, even the most arrogant ashrak takes commands, and keeps the horror of being directed by a lesser being to themselves.