Though the war will not be won until one side has vanquished the other, achieving total galactic domination will leave your enemies weak and without sanctuary, unable to mount any massive resistance. Can you achieve domination? Can you hold it for long?

The Milky Way Stargate Network extends to thousands of known worlds, and likely contains many unknown to both the SGC and System Lords. Despite the free ability to travel to any world from any other, certain worlds still hold key strategic value to both sides in this Galactic Conflict.

Whether it's the availability of key resources, an important strategic alliance, or a site of advanced technology, primary worlds in the gate network are under constant threat, and highly contested.

New worlds of import are constantly being identified, moving the battlefield across the galactic plane, and perhaps beyond. As each new world changes the shape of war, so too does the fighting on those worlds. Dominating a world will extend its influence well beyond its borders, reducing the influence of neighboring enemy worlds, and enhancing the influence of close-by allied planets. Dominating an entire sector can have untold benefits for combat within that sector, and beyond, providing more resource, tech enhancement, or morale boost to those troops fighting in those regions. Dominate the galaxy, and your enemy will seem helpless before you.

Do not be demoralized if you find yourself fighting deep within enemy territory, or even suffering total galactic domination by your foe. The rewards for heroism are unmatched. It is certainly no act of cowardice to step through a gate into battle, but stepping into territory strongly in control of your enemy is an act well above ordinary heroism, and those brave enough are well rewarded.