The System Lords are supreme. The ultimate expression of goa'uld might, divinity and absolute power over all within the galaxy.

Who else should rule, but the race that was bred for that very purpose? Built to dominate and enslave any creature, race or species, the goa'uld is a mighty god, possessing the knowledge of all who came before, and the wit and intellect of the ages. All are in awe of that which is goa'uld. All fear the displeasure of their lords.

Obviously, some are meant for greater station than others. Clearly those who pretended to the throne of System Lords before us were not, in fact, supreme among us, but instead the deceitful and conniving of us. Important skills to be sure, but in times of conflict, when slaves rise up in the absence of rule, it is not the trickster who wins. In times of trouble such as these, the warrior is called upon. Sometimes even the diplomat, who holds in one hand bread, and the other a sword.

After 5000 years of absolute rule, the lazy and injudicious goa'uld, who held stubbornly to their position as System Lords and fought only among themselves, allowed the original world of the slaves, the home of the Tau'ri, to develop advanced technology in the absence of rule and fear of their gods, and left the Tau'ri to forget the true way.

In this absence of rule, the Tau'ri thought themselves entitled to self rule in the galaxy. Perhaps even to rule over all in the galaxy. A heresy to be sure, but one forgivable of the Tau'ri in the absence of goa'uld rule. How can the child know it does wrong, if it is not punished for that act?

The System Lords failed in this task, failed to recognize the threat, and failed to punish the Tau'ri appropriately. And, as a result, they were eliminated by their children. But not only these children, for we, the true System Lords, acted as well. We manipulated worlds, delayed shipments of goods and materials, corrupted data and coordinates, and without discovery, unwound the old System Lords.

Into the void that was left, we collected worlds unknown to the Tau'ri and their allies. Ancient worlds long forgotten by the old System Lords, as the bases from which we'd planned our ascendance for a thousand years.

With the System Lords gone, and their Jaffa armies disbanded, who rebelled against even the notion of goa'uld supremacy, we bide our time, gathering our armies, and formulating our strategies. And now the time has arrived.

Using the tactics of our enemies, we strike at their outposts, headquarters, and objectives. We confound their missions as we advance our own agendas. And, all the while, we rebuild the fear, respect, and dread of the goa'uld, and the System Lords throughout the galaxy.

This war will last as long as we desire, and when it is time to put an end to it, the galaxy will be ready again for our rule. Ready to deliver the respect and love we deserve, and to, in return, earn the love and admiration we hold for all who live within it. All who know their place, and their gods.

In time, the Tau'ri will come to know the error of their ways. Like willful children, stubbornly running away into the wilderness, they will come crawling back, dirty, bloodied, and starving, begging our forgiveness. And we shall grant this forgiveness, for we are benevolent gods, in absolute rule, with absolute love of all who worship us.