"If you run, you will just die tired."



Armed and armored to strike fear into the hearts of slaves and enemy warriors alike, the jaffa attack their foes with a massive staff weapon capable of projecting a stream of pure energy that blasts anyone near the point of impact.

With their fearsome weapons, the jaffa lay down massive covering fire for their advancing armies of invisible ashrak and shielded goa'uld. The jaffa are the primary line of assault and defense, dealing with commandos, soldiers and scientists, as well as their annoying turrets, from a safe distance and clearing the way for their master's assault.


Yours is the role of storm trooper. You are the shock troop. The cleaner. The fixer. You are sent where nobody else wants to go, and expected to march there, loudly and with great pomp, leveling crushing fire as you go.

The new System Lords are a bit more flexible than their old counter parts. These new masters, believe it or not, actually value your life, and abilities. So, rather than walking straight at the enemy, and scaring them with how proudly you die, they'd rather you run, jump and dodge, and scare them with how quickly you kill.

Remember, your staff weapon fires a slow moving bolt of immense energy. Aim for where you believe your target will be at impact, not where he is, now. And aim at his feet, the wall or tree behind him, or whatever solid object that will result in his being within the radius of the explosion. It's not about hitting the target, it's about hitting near the target.

You are stronger than all of your enemies, able to suck up massive amounts of damage, so do not retreat unless a goa'uld waits around the corner to heal you. In a one on one fight, you have the best chance of outliving your foe if you simply pour on the hurt, and don't let him get away. Only the commando can put you down cleanly, and only if you give him a chance to get a headshot. But, you can send your own bolts of plasma his way, forcing him to remain on his toes, lest he become your victim.

Send your Tok'Kal stun grenades in first. Coordinate your attacks with other jaffa, so you cover a wide area with these grenades, and then capitalize on the disorientation of your foe with a powerful advance.

Back up your goa'uld, and be certain they are coordinating with you in attack. If a shielded goa'uld has a turret's attention, do not ignore him. He is waiting for you to blast it while it remains harmlessly fixated on him. If you see a team member taking fire, use your blast's radius effect to distract, or even kill his foe. And pin down commandos to allow your otherwise invisible ashrak to gain advantage on the field, and sneak up behind them.

Your staff blast can render turrets so much rubble, detonate claymores before they can do any harm, and even prevent turrets from spawning, by attacking the pucks placed by scientists to summon them. Be aware of everything on the field, and when it doubt, blast it.


Ma'Tok Staff Weapon

While this weapon takes years of training to wield effectively, it's massive power, inexhaustible energy source and explosive impact mean it's not necessary to actually hit each target you want to destroy. Significant blast damage is imparted to anyone nearby, and the clever jaffa knows to fire for effect, into clustered enemy units.

Slower than the projectile weapons of the Tau'ri, the staff weapon nevertheless delivers a mighty punch to its intended target, and all nearby. It's the primary bane of turrets placed by scientists, as well as the scientists themselves. In fact, jaffa like nothing better than to stumble across Tau'ri huddled around a scientists healing turret, trying to recover from an assault. Several well placed staff blasts will not only destroy the turret, but lay low all those trying to use it to heal.

The heavy blast of the staff takes a couple of seconds to recharge, but when you cannot wait, a smaller pulse can be fired much more rapidly. This pulse hits hard, but has no splash damage to nearby targets.

When all else fails, it is a big stick. Swing it at nearby targets and send them flying.


Nothing amuses jaffa, or their System Lords, more than watching their enemies wandering around, blind and dumbstruck. Throw one of these delightful grenades at the enemy, and anyone unlucky enough to be in range will be helpless against your advance, unable to see. Nail the enemy and his effects will last, most likely, for the rest of his short life, so focus on those on the perimeter of the effect first, then concentrate on the poor soul who was hit in the head.


Field Diaries


Diary Entry One
Renek Tol’Anak
System Lords Third Battle Group

Life is at the pleasure of our System Lords--the gods who give us the gift of long life, perfect health, and pure service to their will.

My wife raises our sons and daughters in the service of the Goa’uld, proud to carry their young in exchange for strength, health, and longevity. And I am gifted the pleasure of my family’s company twice each orbit of our star.

I was born to serve and to fight and I excel at my role. I take great pride in my service to the gods, and rejoice in the place in eternity I earn for myself, and my family through that service.

The Tau’ri have disgraced themselves and betrayed the gods who gave them life and purpose. That shame must be erased, along with all who resist. I swear upon my honor I will do my best to bring them down and regain control of this galaxy for my master. I must, or my suffering will be eternal.


Diary Entry Two
Renek Tol’Anak
System Lords Third Battle Group

I was deeply honored, twice today.  One of my Lords spoke my name, and honored me by telling me the location of our battle.  An old temple on an insignificant planet known as Amarna.  My mission was to eliminate the Tau’ri there, and secure a naquadah mine for my Lords.

Many fell to the Tau’ri warriors.  They fought with honor and they will be rewarded, as they will be remembered.

As for the Tau’ri, they too fought bravely.  Even as I crushed the life out of a female warrior, she summoned one of their robot guns that nearly ended my service to my Lords.  Another of their soldiers actually charged me with his little lead thrower, too many of his projectiles penetrating my armor. 

Thankfully, one of my Lords’ sons, a Goa’uld, restored me even as he cast the puny soldier aside, dashing his life out against the temple stones. 

My Lords spoke my name again in thanks at the end of our mission, when the last Tau’ri still in the temple had been killed as they fled through the gate.  If we had destroyed all of them, and prevented their flight, my Lords would have been far more pleased.  But they spoke my name in praise anyway. 

I shall never forget this day!


Diary Entry Three
Dis’Renek Tol’Anak
System Lords Third Battle Group

It is a battle like this that makes me glad my responsibilities are limited. So many pieces of this assault. So many little missions. So many chances of failure.

Find an enemy. Site and enemy. Shoot an enemy. This is the best of missions.

Capture an enemy, and extract information from them? This is more complicated, but my lords and their children do so enjoy the extraction of information. Regardless of the outcome, I am often rewarded for the bringing of new enemy to be interrogated.

This early part of the assault was rewarding to my station, if not particularly honorable in combat. The monks of Piramess were not absolute pacifist, but neither were they prepared or willing to fight against our forces. And the information my lords required rolled easily from their tongues, loosened with the skill my lords’ children possess.

It was the second part of this mission that became impossible. The simple task of retrieving data stored in a nearby structure became a slaughter almost as great as any I have witnessed.

Many Jaffa fell, today. Even my brother’s son, fresh to battle, eager to prove himself. He will be honored for his proud sacrifice to the gods, with a place in the next realm far greater than he had earned in this.

Even the children of the gods fell today. Cut down first by the long range weapons of the Tau’ri, until the weather device was activated, and a storm rendered those weapons all but useless.

We were driven from this world, without what my lords required. But many Tau’ri were likewise killed. My team fought with honor. They killed my lords’ enemies, and never once shirked orders or fate. I am clean of the failure of this mission, and once again, my lords spoke my name in praise.


Diary Entry Four
Dis’Renek Tol’Anak
System Lords Third Battle Group

I have never been to the ancient world of the Tau’ri.  I’ve heard many stories of the ancient temples and beautiful riches of the original land of the hosts. 

What I saw in today’s assault was none of those storied lands.  Just cement and metal, like all the other Tau’ri fortifications. 

My lords wished for a device and some data from the Tau’ri.  Both belonging to the Ancients.  I am not sure exactly what these goals represented, but I know that it was very important and many squads were assigned the task.  I’ve never seen so many of the god’s children assembled in one Ha’tak, before.

Despite the brilliance of my lords’ plans, we failed to achieve our objective and left the Tau’ri’s base without the data or the ancient device that was required.  I am convinced the assault was a deep blow to the morale of the Tau’ri, but I’m not sure if that will be a good thing, or a bad thing, in future engagements with them.  I have found their resolve to strengthen in the face of adversity rather than crumble as many of my lords’ other enemies do.

I committed myself to the fight with honor, and in fact only managed to escape with my life because I was requested by my lords’ children to provide covering fire as they retreated through the gate.  We took our initial objectives, but could not hold them long enough to obtain either the data or device.  I know my lords will wish us to try again, though how they will gain access a second time I do not know.  Surely the Tau’ri will tighten their security.


Diary Entry Five
Dis’Renek Tol’Anak
System Lords Third Battle Group

There are stories told to us as children about Mahes, and his Court of Judgment. About the terrible things that happen there to the disloyal, and the extreme trials that test the honor and dedication of all of his followers. Many Goa’uld sent their most promising soldiers to Mahes for testing. Some returned, tested and faithful. Many never came back.

Of course, the stories were so extreme, it was thought by all that they were fairy tales told to frighten children. But, many fairy tales are, in fact, true, and I know firsthand that our lords’ testing methods are without reservation.

We knew as we raced to the world, Leonops, that the Tauri had discovered its location. The hope was we’d beat them there, as my Lords understood some of the ancient devices’ rules and structure, and knew a battle would be unwise. But, our orders were simple. Secure the device and eliminate all trace, and if the Tauri were present, eliminate them as well.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to secure the gate and prevent the Tauri from emerging, and we were plunged into the trial of Mahes. A trial that we failed, and yet somehow were allowed to live.

I’ve been shot by the Tauri weapons before. Felt the sting of their turrets, and the retching distortions of that cursed cloud of disease their scientists spew forth. I’ve even been killed on the battlefield, only to be honored by my gods with resurrection. But never before have I suffered so much. Has anyone. To die over, and over, and over again, in the most horrible of ways, only to be renewed with my team as if it was merely a nightmare.

We were not even allowed weariness and rest. Each resurrection left us as fresh as when we’d arrived, but with the building memories of horror upon horror. Only my long training and the Jaffa culture prepared me to withstand it.

I do not know how the Tauri were able to cope. I have learned long ago to respect them, and their dedication, and never to underestimate them. But I would have expected them to break long before, and yet they remained focused and determined to the end, besting us in the trail of Mahes.

I also confess here, though would die before I confessed elsewhere, that I almost shed a tear of relief when, after that last death, I found myself reappearing not in the force field contained compartment of the Court, but instead aboard our Al’kesh, in the ring room, along with the rest of my team. I knew we’d lost the trail, but I also knew the trial was over.

I think our commander felt the same, as he ordered the ship to depart, rather than to reengage the Tauri, and I am unaware of any disapproval from our Lords.