The goa'uld have been the supreme rulers of the galaxy for thousands of years. Gods by comparison to lesser species, with lower technology, the goa'uld actually have come to believe this is more than just their technology and biology. That they are, in fact, gods.

This arrogance actually works in your favor, as a goa'uld destined to serve the System Lords as a warrior. Though you rightly belong among the System Lords, if not ultimately ruling them, your order out of the larval stage left you following, instead of ruling. But, some day, some day, you will change that.

In the meantime, you have been given the very pinnacle of System Lord technology to both protect, and to kill. You have the ability to shield yourself from almost all harm, cast your enemies aside with a gesture, drain their very life-force and thoughts, and even the ability to heal injuries sustained by yourself, or your team.

The SGC fear you, as they are forced to watch helplessly as you approach, and they know the painful, lethal embrace of your Maaynd weapon, and punch of the ribbon device that sends them flying like so much paper trash.


You are not the front line soldier, as is the jaffa. But, you are indispensible on the front line. Against all logic, many Tau'ri fear you more than your jaffa soldiers. This is not to say they should not fear you, but in battle, with jaffa lethally bearing down on them, they will often ignore them, and turn their fire on you, harmlessly plinking their bullets against your shield while your jaffa bring death at the end of their staffs.

This distraction is perfect for an assault. And is even more vital when dealing with turrets. The SGC automatic turrets favor the closest target. Dumb machines without judgment, they cannot tell their bullets harmlessly impact your shield, and you can keep them locked on you, while your jaffa dispatch them with ease from afar.

Isolate your enemies, and lock them down with the maaynd gem. It will take a few seconds to kill, and you will need to circle them to avoid their weapons fire, which would break the link and stop the killing effect. But once caught, few soldiers can resist the effect long enough to save themselves. If they have friends nearby, however, you will risk falling prey to them, as your shield will be inactive, and their weapons are lethal.

Do not fail to heal yourself whenever you can, and your allies every chance you get. You are a benevolent god, and those who serve the System Lords deserve every kindness. More importantly, a living jaffa is more likely to keep you alive than a dead one.


Hardesh Shield

The Hardesh has been employed by System Lords for several thousand years, and is always worn, though rarely activated. It shields the wearer from all energy and fast moving projectiles. Unfortunately, since it must be tuned to allow the wearer to move through the air around them, and to breath within it, the shield is vulnerable to slow moving weapons such as poisoned nanites, and the pressure wave of nearby explosives.

Maaynd Gem

The goa'uld wears a gauntlet "hand device" that has multiple functions. The Maaynd gem is well known to System Lord foes, as it allows the goa'uld to literally rip the thoughts from the mind of their victim. The effect eventually kills, if sustained long enough, and leaves the victim severely debilitated while the beam is active.

The device actually creates a neural link between the goa'uld and his victim, and it's the mental energy of the goa'uld that does the damage, not the device, itself. As a result, distraction through damage will break the damage cycle, though not the link, itself. As a result, seek enemies caught in a private location when using this weapon. One on one, there is little they can do to fight back.

Go'wye Ribbon Device

Tired of a foe? Perhaps a slave is talking too much? The Go'wye ends all arguments. A massive pulse of kinetic energy will send them flying away from you, dealing damage on impact, as well as likely sending them falling to their death.

This weapon is most effective when used to throw enemies off balconies, or into active gates, or pits. But even as an emergency source of relief, to cast aside and disorient a determined foe, it is a vital aid.

The massive pulse of energy has no recoil or effect on the goa'uld, but the discharge, like all goa'uld weapons, will automatically shut down the Hardesh shield, and it will take a moment before either shield, or Go'wye can be used again.

Re'Sko Healing Device

The goa'uld gauntlet also has an embedded healing device capable of healing your allies and yourself. Like the maaynd gem, the device works partly through your own focus, so disturbance will diminish the healing effect. Find a private place to heal yourself. Your allies can be healed in the midst of battle.


Field Diaries

  • Dis’Ma-te Or’naxt
  • Dis’Ma-te Or’naxt, on Amarna
  • Dis’Ma-te Or’naxt, on Piramess
  • Dis’Ma-te Or’naxt, at SGC
  • Tec’Ma-te Or’naxt, on Leonops


Diary Entry One
Dis’Ma-te Or’naxt
System Lords Third Battle Group/p>

The mirror lies to me again. I remember so many faces, none of them my own. I am the supreme form of life in this universe, and yet I don’t see myself in my reflection. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am a god. And, yet, none of this is me. What does that mean?

The System Lords must not know my doubt. If they knew I was infected with the emotion of my many hosts, they would exterminate me. Though I often imagine that all of us have this affliction. My memories are those of every Goa’uld, and I distinctly remember these feelings, going back for thousands of years.  Maybe farther.  I remember the first mirror I saw, with that harsh reptilian face of the Unas host staring back at me.  The dark lack of emotion and dull senses.  No pleasure in that form.  No warmth or comfort.  This form is much better.

Enough! I have a job to do. This mirror is a distraction. I shall have no more of it.

The Tau’ri destroyed the System Lords who ruled this galaxy for thousands of years. But the Tau’ri were just there at the downfall. It was the old System Lord's arrogance and stupidity that destroyed them. We rise again, and we will rule this galaxy forever. And I shall be the greatest of us all.

I am invulnerable to their puny lead throwers. If they perturb me, I will cast them out of my way like insects. I will drain every Tau’ri of his very life, sapping his memories, hopes and dreams in the process. Such rich pleasure in the act. Such despair.