Unlock an ever growing list of achievements within the game! Every class has unique achievements that can unlock special equipment, costumes and abilities. Each map has unique achievements that also may unlock cool features, and always unlock bragging rights.

Achievements in Stargate Resistance run the gamut from traditional shooter favorites that measure your abilities with weapons and classes, to those tailored to taunt you as you fall victim to the cloaked ashrak, or the deadly sniper rifle of the commando. You will also encounter achievements drawn directly from the Stargate universe, as you complete tasks, or achieve kills unique to that realm.

Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of every map. Some maps contain hidden items that may unlock achievements in some ways. Every map has interactable locations. Collecting all of these may unlock special things.

Be creative with your kills, you never know what might ring a bell. Unlock as many achievements as you can, to reveal new costumes, equipment, and even perhaps be the first to try out new features before everyone else gets a hold of them.

New content is added to the game regularly, much of it accessed through unlocking achievements. Even if an achievement today doesn't unlock something, tomorrow it may be the key to a new costume, weapon, or even world!