The SGC (StarGate Command) is housed deep beneath the Cheyenne Mountain complex collectively known as N.O.R.A.D. Once a missile silo, now this complex houses the stargate, and much of the technology and personnel that make up the SGC.

During its early days, the Air Force ran the SGC, but this organization has evolved into a multi-national, multi-disciplined force, still governed by the initial rules and methods set forth by the Air Force, and on some levels, still dominated by Air Force personnel, but now made up of civilians and military from all over the world, and even beyond.

The SGC's mission is to safeguard Earth, obtain advanced technology and resources throughout the galaxy, and protect human interest abroad. During this current conflict with the System Lords, its military ranks have vastly increased, and entire battalions of SGC troops stand ready to defend Earth, and human life wherever it is threatened.


The System Lords have planned a carefully orchestrated raid on the SGC headquarters. Normally defended by Ashrak detectors, an IRIS system that prevents unwanted gate visitors. However, no security is perfect, and the System Lords have gathered the information they needed to get a device through the gate that disabled the IRIS and other defense systems, including the Failsafe which destroys the base if invaded.

The pulse sent out by this device killed anyone too close, and rendered those within a thousand feet or less unconscious, affecting multiple levels of the base and allowing the System Lords to flood through the gate, and gain a foothold.

Caught off guard, the SGC is forced to enter the lower levels through a rear armory, and make their way first to an auxiliary power distribution center in what was once the fuel storage facility for the missile silos. With control of this system, they will be able to retake the gate control room, and reactivate the IRIS, cutting off System Lords.

The System Lords are also trying to take control of this power distribution center, and then move on to the Failsafe device, turning it off, and preventing the SGC from destroying the base long enough for them to obtain the computer data they've really come to steal.


No battle rewards teamwork more than the fight over the SGC. The defenders will seek to use their turrets and snipers to set up a perimeter, and lock down the key objectives. You must, as the attacker, break this, and control these spaces, yourself.

The fight will revolve around the key control points. Either team must capture the central point, in the tank room. Controlling this will allow that team to capture their primary objective, closest to the enemy spawn. The System Lords must capture the failsafe, to prevent the SGC from blowing up the base, and denying them what they seek. The SGC will seek to regain control of the gate control room, allowing them to close the IRIS and prevent reinforcements for the System Lords.

You have no real business being anywhere other than near the location of the disputed control point. The faction that controls their primary point will automatically gain score rapidly, leaving only a minute or two for the other team to break that control, or lose utterly.

As the System Lords, watch for the SGC setting up turrets in the control room, even before that point is in dispute. Several turrets in that room make it notoriously difficult to retake. Don't only come at them from the lower stairs. Take the elevator or back stairs up to the conference room, and come down the spiral stairs or back stairway to gain the high ground, and clear the turrets. And use those shock grenades.

More team members on a control point will make its capture take less time. Also, defend those points once you have them. A team should leave some members defending the central tank room while they move the rest of their team on to the final objective. Once the final objective is firmly held, the entire team should be defending it, owing to the long run from spawn to get back, you don't want to allow the enemy to clear that space, and retake it.