The most favored Ashrak of Ra in the service of Maat, he was elevated to the status of a lesser Lord for his faithful service. When Ra and Maat had a falling out, Mahes was exiled by Ra in an effort to eliminate any who once were loyal to Maat. When exiled from Ra's court, Mahes established a small colony of loyal slaves and Jaffa on the planet Leonops, named for the city of his court on Earth (Leontoplois). He returned to Earth centuries later in the guise of the Mayan god Cizin, God of Death. He influenced their blood sports and games, using these trials as a form of court to decide conflict, or as a punishment for enemies. His efforts failed to establish a new foothold on Earth, but did provide him with a new source of human stock.

Tolerated by Ra, Mahes managed to avoid conquest or destruction by providing dispute settlement, and entertainment through a series of ingenious trials in various arenas throughout his capital city. These employed novel applications of the Goa'uld healing device/Sarcophagus technologies that permitted players in his games to be continually resurrected after death, until their amusement value had been spent, or the dispute settled.


The SGC and new System Lords both arrive on Leonops intent on acquiring the healing technology rumored to still be present. Upon arrival they find the ancient arena now a market place for the local inhabitants who flee at the sight of the soldiers. Their conflict accidentally triggers the games to begin, reactivating Mahes cruel device, locking both sides in his Court of Judgment. Both sides must now play Mahes' deadly game, fighting to the death, only to be resurrected over and over, until one side eliminates the other to the satisfaction of Mahes' ancient program.

Mahes has tied his game into the programming of the Stargate, itself. His healing technology draws its power from the gate itself, and in a cruel twist, the gate is located in the center of this arena. Mahes frequently made visitors to his world fight in this arena and be judged before beling allowed to go on with their business.

Once the gate is active, and the match has begun, there is no escape for either System Lord, nor SGC, until one team has been deemed the victor by Mahes automated program. Perhaps at that time, the secrets of his healing technology can be discovered, and the winners escape.


This fight comes in two flavors, as the battle within the arena activates the device within, creating a second fight.

The first battle, called Deathmatch, is merely for control of the court. Both teams respawn rapidly, and fight for dominion. Watch out for commandos and jaffa firing from across the map. Be aware of the columns and try not to stand out in the open, or they will surely find, and hurt you.

Use the rings. Not only can they place you in a good vantage to fire on the enemy emerging from their spawn, they can also be a short cut, allowing you to jump out of the tower and catch the enemy off guard. Just be aware the rings are far from subtle. You will be heard, and seen, by anyone paying attention.

Much of the fight takes place near each team's respawn location. But don't forget the rest of the courtyard. Interactables add to your team's score. And there are good vantage points from below to snipe the enemy, or lob grenades into their stronghold.

A well placed jaffa staff whack, or grenade or claymore can send an enemy flying far out into the courtyard, if he's foolish enough to stand near the open gallery on the upper ring. How far can you send them sailing?

The second battle you may face is called Arena. The principle difference here is that Mahes' device will allow each team member to remain dead until one team achieves a victory, then it will respawn everyone, and the whole evil battle will start again, until one team achieves 3 wins. Since the winning factor here is staying alive longer than the other team, discretion is indeed the better part of valor in this case. You must meet the enemy, and destroy him. But sacrificing yourself to kill a turret, or harass a sniper, while a good team tactic in other matches, might actually hurt your team, here. Take some time. Figure out the best approach.

But don't take too much time. Mahes' device actually uses the Stargate itself, and the buildup of energy takes only three minutes, before it must discharge, or damage the gate. That discharge will resurrect everyone, and end the match, awarding victory to whoever has the most survivors or health.