They called you a nerd in school. You didn't spend a lot of time on the athletic field, or playground. You spent your time in the lab, tinkering with anything you could get your hands on. And, you never really expected to become a warrior.

Funny how things work out. Now, you're one of the most celebrated allies on the battlefield. The macho soldiers, the very same ones that teased you on the playground, now would lay down their lives to protect you, and feel a sense of warmth and safety when they see you are near. Generals ask you what you can do as often as they tell you what to do.

You're no less brave, strong or determined as any other. But, your path of science has given you tools others cannot even imagine. And this is not an old fashioned war, where brute strength, and mindless repetitive training are the keys to victory. This is a war involving technology earth is only barely able to understand. It is a war with a foe that has used spacecraft and wormhole travel for many thousands of years. In this kind of war, you are the super soldier.

The scientist can set a massive .50 caliber automatic cannon anywhere she wishes, providing a lethal base of fire as defense or offense. She can also support her team with an automatic healing turret that restores the health of any ally within range, as well as a portable healing device she carries with her. When pressed to fight, the scientist whips out her 9mm, or poisons the enemy with a deadly cloud of nanites specifically engineered to attack goa'uld symbiotes, whether larval, in a jaffa, or within the goa'uld and ashrak hosts.


You're not really meant to take a pounding. Nor are you capable of delivering a killing blow with one shot. Your weapons, instead, annoy the heck out of the enemy with consistent, unrelenting pain and depletion of life force. If they ignore you, they die. And they know it.

Consequently, you will get picked on. Be prepared for this fact. But, also, don't be timid. You must charge the enemy to deliver your poison. Learn its maximum range, and use it. Never fail to drop this lethal bomb in their face. It would take several sprays to kill any foe with just poison, but that's not all you have, and it will work its lethal magic over time, while you deliver other unpleasantness.

With your poison covering exits and entrances, and flushing out sneaky ashrak, make sure you have a .50 Cal turret nearby to dispatch anyone who rudely tries to assault you. And plink away with that .9mm. Damage is small, but the fire rate is high and the gun is scary accurate in the hands of a cool and collected scientist.

Use your healing turret often. It's the only way you can heal yourself. And don't be stingy with the Sabin to heal your team mates. It greatly increases the speed of healing when they're near the turret, and will keep them in the fight longer, which usually means you'll live longer, too.

Turrets complement each other. If you're defending a space with another scientist, use your turrets to set up a cross fire. Also, place your healing turrets within range of each other. They'll double the heal rate of anyone standing between them.

Beware, though, the System Lords have captured a number of turrets, recently, and taken them for study. It's unknown what surprises they have in store, but be ready for anything. SG-Tech is working hard on new turret options, and should have them ready by the next campaign.


Mk 2 Sabin

“It’s possible to use your weapons against a swarm of nanites. But it won’t help.”

Major Julia Reaves

Some might question entering battle with little more than an aerosol spray can. But, the Sabin is a highly advanced nanite delivery system, capable of spreading a cloud of the highly lethal bugs, able to severely injure goa'uld symbiotes. This weapon also has the capacity to heal, releasing a version of these nanites tuned to hyper accelerate the natural human healing process, and even artificially shore up serious wounds as the accelerated healing works.

Sprayed liberally into corners, doorways, and stairwells, the poison cloud will reveal cloaked ashrak, and penetrate the shield of a goa'uld, as well as soften up even the mighty Jaffa. And with some serious hangtime, the cloud will be around to infect any unlucky pursuers long after the scientist's escape.

Poison is also contagious while active, meaning any infected System Lord soldier runs the risk of infecting others he passes near.

The healing device can also mean the difference between victory and defeat. A solider, toe to toe with a jaffa needs to get lucky, or he needs a scientist friend. Keep him healed from a distance, while he soaks up jaffa punishment, and he's got a good chance of winning the conflict.

SA09-4 Pistol

What, you brought a gun to a blaster fight? Well, this pea shooter might pale in comparison to the fire rate of the P90, or stopping power of the commando's rifle, but it's still going to hurt, and with a 15 round clip, low kick and high accuracy, your opponent will only laugh at you once. Hit them with poison, then harass them with the pistol until the poison wears off. If they're still alive, hit them again with poison and walk away. It's okay. They're dead. They just don't know it, yet.

CADs mk 4

The CADs delivery system is an Asgard design, capable of beaming in any device its programmed to deliver. Once placed, these devices are autonomous, allowing the scientist to focus on other tasks. They can be relocated using the CADs pucks, but when destroyed, it takes a few seconds to ready a new device for placement.

The current standard equipment loadout sends the scientist into battle with two turret types;

.50 Cal Auto Turret

This cannon is fully automatic, capable of seeking and dispatching multiple targets with ease. It is vulnerable to jaffa fire, as it has a limited range and cannot currently cope with either a goa'uld shield, or ashrak cloak. But, one of these babies nearby will make short work of any ashrak you reveal by poison or pistol, and give any goa'uld a reason to think twice about dropping his shield to attack.

Nanotech Universal Recovery System

This has been called "the bucket" by SG teams in the field. And everyone likes hanging out at "the bucket." The nanites are said to give a pleasurable whole body sensation as they do their work, and leave the wounded individual feeling a sense of elation when complete. They are capable of healing multiple persons at once, when they stand within range of the device. But, be careful in placement. Jaffa like nothing better than to send their heavy splash damage blasts into crowds standing around "the bucket." Place these behind cover whenever possible.


Field Diaries

  • Captain Julia Reaves
  • Captain Julia Reaves, on Amarna
  • Major Julia Reaves, on Piramess
  • Major Julia Reaves, at SGC
  • Major Julia Reaves, on Leonops


Diary Entry One
Captain Julia Reaves
SG Regiment 2

I never dreamed, in those last years at MIT, that something like the Stargate even existed, or that I’d get to travel to other worlds and work on technology light years beyond what I’d originally studied in college. 

When I graduated, I thought I was the luckiest person in the universe when I got accepted to the Large Hadron Collider experiment.  Then that strange, handsome Air Force General showed up.  I remember, I thought it was going to be another of those “your country needs you,” pitches.  Which I appreciate, but thought my work at the LHC would be the most important thing I could do for country and kin.  He didn’t say that, though.  He said, “Your planet needs you.”

I was one of the lucky ones out of the more recent recruits to the SGC.  I got to spend two glorious years traveling the galaxy, doing what I’ve trained my life for--research, science, and discovery.  Two wonderful years before the System Lords resurfaced. And attacked.

Now, though I’ve had more schooling than most PhDs, and can build a Naqada reactor out of a Chevy engine block and some spare wire, I’m no longer doing research.  Instead, I’m managing Asgard weapons tech, researching and exploiting symbiote virus delivery, and using this little pocket device that’s got more power than the LHC I originally thought would be my life’s work, to beam weapons in from orbit so the Goa'uld bastards can be sent back to oblivion.

I didn’t want to be a soldier.  I don’t want to be a soldier.  But if these brain worms want to take over the galaxy, they’re going to have to go through me and my guys.  And I wish them luck.