“At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day.”



Do you remember that cool guy in class, that stood quietly in the background, but always seemed to know everything that was going on? That guy who never got beaned by a ball, or smacked in the back of the head, because he always seemed to know it was coming? Oh, wait, of course not, because you are that guy, aren't you.

Commandos are those unique individuals that have proven to have what's called "situational awareness." They just seem to know where everyone is on the battlefield, and have an instinct for where they're going. These individuals, also distinguished by their marksmanship, are given over to training in specialized weapons and tactics.

Sometimes called a sniper, this is not truly your role. You do carry a deadly sniper rifle, but you're also the spotter for your team. Your scope has a transphased optic system, able to see cloaked ashrak. You also carry claymores to cover your rear, setting an explosive trap for your enemy.

When all else fails, a guy like you doesn't settle for the standard .9mm handgun. You brought your own. A .50 caliber pistol able to put even the most determined foe on the ground.


The scientist may get all the attention on the battlefield, but that's how you prefer it. You like to find a nice spot, set up a claymore, and then settle in to relax, and get to work. And work is good!

Your primary role is as a standoff weapon, putting down jaffa and ashrak (and goa'uld foolish enough not to have their shield up) from a great distance, preventing them from even getting close to your team. But, you also are a vital support agent, killing goa'uld trying to drain the minds of your soldiers, and capping ashrak as they sneak up behind your scientists.

Watch everything, and take every shot. But, beware that your bullets travel at such a velocity, they often leave a visible trail. The enemy you miss probably knows where you are. The one you hit certainly does, and is coming for you.

Keep to the shadows, and displace from time to time, and you will enjoy a long and effective life. And keep those claymores placed to cover you and your team.

At close range, your best friend is your .50 cal pistol, but the rifle packs its full punch even when not scoped. It's just notoriously difficult to aim accurately without the scope, so beware.

When the enemy has spotted you, and you're being effective, know that you've got a bull's-eye on your back. Don't wait for them to come to you. Move to some place where you can watch over your previous location, and kill anyone who comes looking for you in that spot. Then, move again. A commando with a routine of rotating between multiple key locations can often catch the same foe over and over, driving them mad, and making them dead. Have fun out there!


LR30A Tactical Rifle

This rifle is feared universally by the System Lords. One shot is all it takes, if your aim is true. Only the ashrak is as deadly, and she must sneak up behind you. You can drop your enemy from across a courtyard, and remain unseen and untouched.

Two to three hits will kill any foe, but a headshot is lights out even for the massive jaffa. Just remember to watch your ammo, and reload whenever you get the chance. The bolt action weapon only carries four rounds, and must be manually loaded.

A-M18A1 Claymore Mine

Does your mother know that your best friend is an explosive? Well, if she did, she'd approve. Your claymores will never let you down. They're always there for you, and tirelessly watch your back. Just the sort of friend your mother wishes for you. Set them in doorways or any other approach to your rear, and then focus your attention on the battlefield before you, secure in the knowledge that their explosion will give anyone sneaking up on you cause to rethink their life plans, and also give you warning enough to turn and finish them off with either pistol or rifle.

SA50-2 Pistol

Sometimes a rifle's too big for the job, but there's never a time when a big bullet is too much for the job. The .50 cal pistol carried by the commando scares even him, sometimes. Loud, powerful, and with a kick like a mule, it's a bit harder to aim, but well worth the trouble in his calm hands. Never be afraid to use this in close quarters. A few hits with this will finish most arguments.


Field Diaries


Diary Entry Two
Captain Axsel Reynolds
SG Regiment 2

This was a real screw up.  Someone upstairs needs their head examined, that’s for sure.

We should have expected the snake heads would show up.  They always seem to.  And instead we left some inexperienced troops guarding the gate, and didn’t even set up sensors to detect Ashrak.

I realize not every mission is a direct military assault, but they all seem to wind up that way, so why the hell don’t we just start them all that way?  Maybe more of us would have gotten out of there alive.

To their credit, everyone held their own.  When the damn snakes started flooding through the gate, nobody panicked.  We established a good base of fire, and then slowly started pushing forward toward the gate.  Without good teamwork, we’d have been cut to pieces.  I found myself lighting up Ashrak for my team and plinking them fast, just to kill their cloaks.  No time for head shots.  No time for fun.  Just spot ’em and let the soldiers drop ’em.

That temple was too crowded, anyway.  Most of the fighting was close quarters.  I hate close quarters.  Claymores really mess with your hearing indoors.  I may never get it back in my left ear, even with one of those fancy healing devices.  I think I lost more blood from my ears than I did from that blade I took to the side.

We lost too many.  We lost the mine.  I know we won’t let the System Lords keep it, but that naquadah could really help us in this fight.  Next time…  Next time, we’ll be ready.